Former ATA chief Jonathan Linkous launches new AI trade group

The Partnership for Artificial Intelligence and Automation in Healthcare aims to foster a better understanding of how AI can improve care access and quality while also lowering costs.
By Mike Miliard
12:23 PM
AI trade group

Jonathan Linkous, who served as CEO of the American Telemedicine Association for nearly 25 years, and Mary Ann Liebert, a longtime leader in scientific and medical publishing, telemedicine, analytics, precision medicine and other digital transformation, announced the Partnership for Artificial Intelligence and Automation in Healthcare. 

PATH aims to help providers, payers, policymakers and others across the healthcare industry gain clarity about the ways AI and robotics technology can help improve quality, lower costs and increase access.

While there's a whole lot of discussion about AI in healthcare – and even more potential for big transformation – huge swathes of the industry are still uneducated about, or otherwise unprepared for, the big changes it could signal. There are plenty of challenges to overcome, from data governance to business process, workforce to workflow

As a mission-driven and membership-based organization, PATH aims to convene a diverse array of stakeholders to sort through some of the biggest issues impacting AI such as policy and regulation, patient safety, systems integration and more.

"AI and related innovations have already enabled industries such as banking, aviation, and entertainment to grow, provide higher- quality products, and allow consumers greater choice," said Linkous in a statement. "With spiraling costs, increasing need, decreasing resources, and rapidly advancing technologies, healthcare desperately needs to catch up."

Its board of advisors include Stephen Klasko, MD, president and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health; Jay Sanders, MD, CEO, of the Global Telemedicine Group and adjunct professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins; Sue Siegel, chief innovation officer at GE; Rick Valencia, president of QUALCOMM Life; and Yulun Wang, founder of InTouch Health.

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