By Tom Sullivan 11:10 am January 03, 2019
 Epic beats Cerner and Allscripts for customer satisfaction – but HealthEC, Health Catalyst, Arcadia and Enli take top spots.
By Diana Manos 02:34 pm January 02, 2019
The four part report was compiled for hospital executives as well as infosec pros, HHS said.
Oak Street Health decision support system reduces readmissions by 26%

Chicago-based Oak Street Health.

By Bill Siwicki 01:43 pm January 02, 2019
Its homegrown Canopy system is an example of the type of platform that value-based models of the future will need to deliver evidence-based care in a complex care ecosystem.
Sophie Pinkard, Head of Product at OODA
By Laura Lovett 01:22 pm January 02, 2019
Sophie Pinkard discusses her journey in healthcare IT and where the industry is heading in the future.
By Tom Sullivan 11:47 am January 02, 2019
Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources is now normative, and the new edition brings thousands of other updates.
By Leontina Postelnicu 06:24 am January 02, 2019
Most maternity providers in England are making a "good start" in adopting digital technologies, according to a new report by NHS Digital.
By Philipp Grätzel von Grätz 03:31 am January 02, 2019
Wherever you go in Europe, AI is already there. In November 2018, the German government announced its national AI strategy, a draft of which had been published in the summer of 2018 already.
By Hafizah Osman 10:06 pm January 01, 2019
The project, a joint collaboration between Intel and GE Health, is promising to offer physicians automated diagnostic alerts for some conditions within seconds of medical imaging being completed.
2019 planner.
By Beth Jones Sanborn 05:58 pm December 31, 2018
By 2020, supply chain expenses will eclipse labor as the new number one cost in healthcare, one expert says.
By Mike Miliard 01:47 pm December 31, 2018
Partners HealthCare researchers show how they mine override comments to detect areas where clinical decision support systems could be improved.

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