Emsisoft unveils free ransomware decryptor to unlock your own data

The anti-malware vendor said that hospitals hit by a Stampado ransomware attack can download their software to gain back access to locked data.
By Jessica Davis
07:06 AM

Anti-malware software maker Emsisoft has posted a free decryptor that hospitals and other organizations hit by the ransomware strain Stampado can use to unlock their data.

Stampado, which is being aggressively advertised on the dark web for $39 in Bitcoin, boasts similar functionality to Cryptolocker and other ransomware strains.

First discovered by Heimdal Security firm, Stampado is fully-functional and when installed it encrypts the victim’s files using AES encryption. From there, the code demands a ransom to decrypt files, according to malware removal and computer forensics specialist Lawrence Abrams, who founded the tech support site BleepingComputer.com. 

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Abrams explained that victims must email a designated address for more instructions on how to regain the encrypted files. Much like Russian Roulette, the virus will delete an encrypted file every six hours. And every time the program’s countdown reaches zero, the number of deleted files doubles.

Emsisoft said that victims can download the decryptor from the company’s website to regain files  without paying the ransom.

The company also offers free decryptor for malware including Apocalypse, AutoLocky, HydraCrypt, DMALocker and others. 

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