Emerging companies debut new patient engagement platforms at HIMSS18

PerSoN Clinic unwraps an engagement platform; Payfone and higi partner around kiosks; and Acxiom debuts its Patients Insights Package.
By Bill Siwicki
02:15 AM

At HIMSS18, PerSoN Clinic introduced a patient-provider engagement platform. The Personal Social Network Clinic – PerSoN Clinic, in shorthand – is a multi-chronic conditions patient self-management and remote monitoring platform.

PerSoN Clinic said its guiding principles of inform, consult, empower and collaborate align with the National Institute of Health Standard of Care for creating effective disease management. On that note, PerSoN Clinic offers patients three health modules: Pain/Symptom Management, Depression Self-Discovery and Management, and Smoking Cessation. Patients with one or more of these conditions can use the same application to manage their care.

The PerSoN Clinic symptom tracker features the National Cancer Institute Symptom Library (called PRO-CTCAE). This has been designed to objectively collect and convert meaningful symptoms into clinically useful data. Cancer patients and their providers can correlate treatments to pain, and to the patient’s quality of life.

The Smoking Cessation tool was designed in collaboration with the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Care providers can use it to monitor a patient’s progress remotely and provide real-time intervention and e-counseling support. Researchers can use it to collaborate with caregivers and patients. Combining the patient’s clinical and physiological data, social behavior, and environmental conditions can result in better outcomes, the company said. In this effort, PerSoN Clinic uses Big Data and a proprietary artificial intelligence engine.

PerSoN Clinic includes real-time condition tracking, an online community, a private support group, an online library and a daily journal publication.

On another patient engagement front, Payfone, a digital identity authentication network, and higi, a population health company that lets consumers measure, track and act on their health data through a network of 11,000 health kiosks, unveiled at HIMSS18 capabilities from both companies designed to enable a digital engagement experience for scalable population health solutions while protecting protected health information and aiming to reduce costs.

By rolling out Payfone’s secure passive identity authentication technology, used by top U.S. banks, at higi’s 11,000 FDA-cleared self-screening kiosks across the U.S., higi will enable consumers to experience an easier way to measure and track their health data, and share it with healthcare organizations and pharmacy retailers for immediate recommendations at a point of care.

Through the Payfone integration, individuals can use their mobile phone to log-in to a higi health station and initiate digital messaging from their health network.

In other HIMSS18 patient engagement news, Acxiom, a marketing data company, debuted its new Patients Insights Package, a data offering that delivers patient insights to providers and payers about the communities they serve. An addition to Acxiom’s healthcare portfolio, the Patients Insights Package delivers what the company calls an ethically sourced data foundation to enable more effective targeting and engagement with prospective patients.

The new product consists of more than 100 attributes and provides key health-related insights, including lifestyle behavioral insights, demographics and health indicators on the patient community. Leveraging third-party consumer data and insights provides a holistic understanding of prospective patients, Acxiom said, allowing providers, payers and those in the life sciences sector to ensure campaign messages are relevant and personalized so they can better connect with prospective patients.

The evolution toward value-based care is underway. In order to succeed in the new patient-centered setting while minimizing risk, Acxiom said, healthcare organizations must have a complete view and understanding of their audiences.

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