South Korean digital solutions to be showcased at HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Digital Conference

Eight health tech companies, selected by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute, will present their solutions at the event.
09:22 AM

In recent years, the South Korean government has focused on expanding its digital health industry with increased investment in the development of new technology.

Since President Moon Jae-In assumed office in May 2017, digital healthcare has been identified as a key growth sector, with particular emphasis placed on areas such as healthcare related Big Data, Health IT (HIT) and artificial intelligence (AI). 

The country recently attracted attention for its use of digital health, in combination with extensive testing and contact tracing, to contain and flatten the curve of COVID-19 infections.

At the HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Digital Conference, the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI), will present a selection of innovative solutions from the region at the South Korean Country Pavilion.

The KHDI is the government-affiliated institution which provides systematic and professional support to improve public health and enhance international competitiveness in the healthcare sector. 

It has been leading the development of specific sectors in the South Korean health industry including medical services, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, foreign patient attraction, and the digital healthcare industry.

KHIDI president, Deok-Cheol Kwon, told Healthcare IT News that he hopes the HIMSS event will provide “a constructive forum for discussion on the promotion of human health and the development of the smart healthcare industry” for South Korea’s companies and others from around the world.

The firms showcasing their solutions at the South Korean Country Pavilion are:

Lemonhealthcare: Creators of a healthcare smart platform which allows patients and medical institutions to connect remotely through ICT technology for more convenient treatment and management. 

F&D Partners: Manufacturers of cutting-edge solutions for skin health, including the Mediscope skin cancer diagnosis assistant and the Lemia facial skin measurement analysis system.

Mediage: A biological age measurement system, which aims to provide a comprehensive evaluation index to analyse the health and ageing status of patients’ major organs and body shapes.

Doai: Providers of AI solutions in the field of medical imaging, pharma and genomics. 

Ikoob: A digital patient information sharing platform, which allows doctors to check medical records and provide customised medical education.  

U-Shin C&C: Provide telemedicine and patient management solutions, which enable users to share pictures, medical images and test results remotely via video and audio. 

Insung information: An integrated IT infrastructure solution which provides features such as cloud storage, networking, video conferencing, data protection and smart healthcare. 

QTT: A global software company with a presence in South Korea, which provides a cross-platform software framework for the development of apps and devices, under both commercial and open source licenses.

To learn more, visit the South Korea Country Pavilion at the HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Digital Conference. Register now. The event will take place September 7-11, 2020.

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