Software company Foxit shares how well-maintained health records can accelerate digital transformation

The Cura Day Hospitals Group and the US Food and Drug Administration are among institutions to benefit from Foxit’s solutions.
04:37 AM

As medical facilities grow, they often need to reassess best practices to digitise and centralise health records.

A webinar from software company Foxit will explore practical examples of how to transform digital records, thereby cutting the cost of paper, reducing chart analysis time and eliminating manual filling and archiving errors.

Among institutions to benefit from Foxit’s innovative and cost-effective solutions are the Australian Cura Day Hospitals Group and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

When the Cura Day group acquired additional hospitals last year, it found the new operational environment was not suited to its existing PDF solution’s licensing structure.

Although it was important to have one product across the hospital group, it needed similar features and functionality to the existing solution to reduce the need for staff training.

After a 30-day trial, the group implemented Foxit’s PhantomPDF editor, which offers both functionality and affordability.


PDFs at the hospital group are used for various medical documents, which need to be shared between staff members. There is a need to highlight information on the PDFs and extract, edit, consolidate and separate pages in a document. 

PhantomPDF complies with all relevant Australian and NHS clinical documentation standards by ensuring that patient information can be accessed by healthcare professionals confidentially, allowing them to make appropriate clinical judgements and provide optimum care.

A Foxit spokesperson said: “Our solution assists in following the standards of clinical documentation not only to protect hospitals but ultimately to provide better treatment for patients.”


Foxit is headquartered in the US with offices in Europe, Australia and Asia. The company’s mission is to develop market leading and innovative PDF products and services, helping workers to increase their productivity. It has more than 560 million users located in more than 200 countries.


Janet Schriel, executive programmes manager at the Cura Day Hospitals Group said: “The PhantomPDF price was right, and the Foxit team responded to our queries quickly and professionally. It couldn’t have worked out better. We got the functionality we were searching for.

“It was simple to use, easily navigable, and intuitive, and best of all, the learning curve was practically non-existent.”

The webinar will take place on 19 November, and more information about it can be found here.

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