Mediclinic Middle East launches robotic surgery programme in the UAE

Aimed at improving patient recovery time, as well as providing new surgical training opportunities, the programme will be run out of the group’s Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai.
By Ahmed El Sherif
07:12 AM

Credit: Mediclinic Middle East

Mediclinic Middle East (ME) has launched its first comprehensive robotic surgery programme, it announced this week. The wholly owned subsidiary of Mediclinic International has introduced the da Vinci Xi HD 4 arm robotic system to its Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai.

Known as one of the most sophisticated laparoscopic surgical technologies available, the device – created by Intuitive – is part of the new programme aimed at enhancing the group’s “current comprehensive general surgery and laparoscopic surgery services”.

Mediclinic City Hospital was selected as the hub for this robotic programme as it is already considered a market leader in advanced laparoscopic surgery. The group stated that it has “recruited a cohort of consultants, unmatched by any other hospital in the UAE in the scope of their training and experience in performing robotic surgery.”

The da Vinci Xi HD 4 is not the hospital’s first foray into robotics; Mediclinic City Hospital was also the first hospital in the UAE to offer robotic-assisted total/partial knee replacement surgery.

On an international level, the group is already familiar with the da Vinci system, with the technology being used since 2005 at Hirslanden Private Hospital Group, Mediclinic ME’s sister division in Switzerland, and at Mediclinic Southern Africa since 2014.


According to the manufacturer, the da Vinci Xi HD 4 works by combining conventional laparoscopic techniques with high precision robotic technology that uses four robotic arms controlled by the surgeon from a console. Through the console, the surgeon is also able to access a 3D high-definition view of the surgical area.

“Articulated instruments allow the same movement capacity as the human wrist, and the tremor filter eliminates any small uncontrollable movement in the surgeon's hands,” Mediclinic elaborated in a statement. “Minimally invasive surgery with da Vinci is widely used in urology and gynaecology procedures, and in several other procedures, too.”

Benefits of robotic surgery include smaller incisions in surgery, a lowered risk of bleeding and infections, reduced postoperative discomfort, and less scarring. It can also speed up recovery time.

The service will be available to patients from the UAE and the wider Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.


Dr. Roger Gergy, consultant general surgeon at Mediclinic City Hospital explained that the new robotic programme will support the hospital’s goal of becoming recognised as a “Centre of Excellence” for minimally invasive surgery. 

“With the purchase of da Vinci Xi, Mediclinic City Hospital will provide state-of-the-art minimal invasive surgery across different specialities such as general surgery, gynaecology, urology, paediatrics and thoracic [surgery].”

Jamal Abdulsalam, CEO of Dubai Healthcare City Authority added: “The launch of the Mediclinic ME robotic surgery programme in Dubai Healthcare City [DHCC] strengthens the innovative, specialised services offered in the free zone.

“Mediclinic City Hospital has over the years brought advanced treatments across various specialities. We at DHCC along with our clinical partners are proud to contribute to the country’s position as one of the leading healthcare markets in the Middle East.”

Mediclinic ME currently operates seven hospitals and 20 outpatient clinics in the United Arab Emirates.

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