Luxembourg hospital group to pilot AI radiological image analysis solution

Hôpitaux Robert Schumain and Hanalytics Sàrl have signed an MoU to set up the BioMind diagnostic support system.
By Tammy Lovell
11:49 AM

Tech firm Hanalytics Sàrl and Luxembourg hospital group Hôpitaux Robert Schumain (HRS) are partnering to pilot a radiological image analysis solution based on artificial intelligence (AI) system BioMind.

The organisations signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in the presence of Étienne Schneide, deputy Prime Minister, minister of the economy and minister of health, last week.

BioMind is a CE-certified diagnostic support system, which uses deep learning technology to analyse neurological disorders such as brain tumours, vascular diseases and stroke conditions.

It recommends a diagnosis and automatically generates a report for doctors to review within seconds and can be upgraded to analyse medical images of other body systems.

Dr Damien Dietrich, medical director in charge of digitalisation at HRS, said the hospital group would work with Hanalytics Sàrl on the ongoing assessment and improvement of the solution “to best integrate into our clinical workflow”.

The MoU was signed at the ‘Bringing Innovation to the Healthtech Market’ event held at the European Convention Centre in Luxembourg on September 19.


The radiological image analysis solution is intended to improve the accuracy and efficiency of diagnostics and treatment at the Luxembourg hospital group.

Hanalytics CEO Raymond Moh said: “There is a currently shortage of image specialists and radiologists, while the demand is constantly increasing. Doctors suffer from burnout, and there is a high level of misdiagnosis. If just 1% could be corrected, hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved every year.”


BioMind was also one of five software development companies to sign a MoU of strategic partnership with GE Healthcare this week, to help develop its Edison AI platform applications in China.

The company was jointly developed between Singapore group Hanalytics, and China’s Beijing Tiantan Hospital. Hanalytics Sàrl is the Luxembourg subsidiary of Hanalytics.


Dr Jean-Baptiste Niedercorn, radiologist representative at the HRS and member of the board of the Luxembourg radiology society said: “We are fortunate to work in a specialty, radiology, at the forefront of innovation and to rapidly benefit from clinical applications resulting from research in physics and more recently in computer science.

“Going beyond the CAD (computer assisted diagnosis) already used for years, for example in mammography for lesion detection, the new AI solutions will enable us in the near future to refine our diagnoses and improve the follow-up of our patients.”

Sasha Baillie, CEO of economic interest group, Luxinnovation, said: “This innovative partnership shows the openness of the main healthcare players in Luxembourg to implement new health tech solutions that increase their efficiency and improve patient care.”

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