Inserm selects Expert System's artificial intelligence to support COVID-19 research

This partnership will integrate Expert System’s AI capabilities for medical research, supporting content aggregation and decision making for an evaluation period of six months.
By Sara Mageit
06:29 AM

Global artificial intelligence (AI) company, Expert System has announced that the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, Inserm, will implement its Clinical Research Navigator (CRN) tool and make it available to 100 of its researchers for the next six months.

This move will enable researchers to identify key clinical trials, sponsoring research facilities, lead researchers and related work, and even map networks of collaborators and key players. 


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With CRN provided from Expert System, Inserm is able to provide researchers with unlimited access to over 100 million documents and reference information on 12 million clinical studies.

One of the core functions of Expert System’s CRN platform is to intelligently research and analyse content based on concepts and not just keywords. Through this centralised platform, researchers will be able to discover insights to drive their research by semantically revealing hidden connections across various information sources.

At a time when data needs to be particularly responsive, this centralised access will provide access to relevant consistent data, including clinical trial data, patents, reports from experts and health organisations and web and social network content. “Most importantly, it will be able to present real-time updates, which will significantly save time and improve efficiency when time is of the essence,” Christophe Aubry, EVP US at Expert System told Healthcare IT News.


Inserm is the second-leading biomedical research institution in the world with more than 12,000 publications each year. It accumulates together 10,000 researchers who are working on developing public health research and innovative treatments.

Expert System has previously supported US Federal organisations by providing AI-based solutions that augment and accelerate the process of managing large volumes of complex information. They have also worked with the likes of Vodafone, Dow Jones and Zurich in facilitating intelligent process automation systems.


Sammy Sahnoune, CIO at Inserm, said: "At a time when we need to be particularly responsive, Expert System's Clinical Research Navigator platform provides us with centralised access to relevant and consistent data and, above all, real-time updates. It's a real time-saver and improves efficiency for all our teams."

Alain Biancardi, VP sales & marketing at Expert System France and Benelux, told Healthcare IT News: "We are delighted to be able to provide our AI-based tool for medical researchers to Inserm teams. Leveraging CRN, they can benefit from the unique ability to quickly identify the most relevant content regardless of the terminology used and cross-reference publications, researchers and organisations." 


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