French pharmacy group to launch in-store digital wellness coaching

Customers will be guided through health consultations on the Yiango platform via an iPad and offered food supplements.
By Tammy Lovell
09:59 AM

A French digital coaching platform is offering pharmacy customers the chance to experience digital wellness coaching in store via an iPad.

The VD Pharm network of pharmacies in Toulouse is due to launch the Yiango platform in November, which allows patients to access health coaching on issues such as weight loss, stress, detoxification and digestion.

Members of the pharmacy have been trained to guide customers through one of Yiango’s nine wellness programmes, using an iPad Pro 12.

The 20-minute programmes use an algorithm to create a chart based on the customer’s individual factors such as physical activity, diet and daily habits.

The pharmacist then uses these results to set the patient goals for the next two weeks and invites them back to measure their progress. In between appointments they receive motivational emails and SMS messages from Yiango.

At the end of the interview, the customer has the option to buy a wellness package selected by the platform which includes three food supplements.

Pharmacies pay a monthly fee to subscribe to the coaching platform, which includes software, furniture, staff training and digital support for customers in between coaching sessions.


Yiango founder Olivier Roques said he started the platform to help people take a more individualised approach to achieving their wellness goals.

“After 12 years in the weight management industry, and having built a 650 diet shop network in France, I noticed that all the methods were based on a diet-only approach with meal replacements, diet coaching and diet supplements, but these methods failed to offer long-term results,” he said. “To achieve sustainable results, we must work simultaneously on three fundamentals of the individual; daily habits, physical activity and diet.”


Pharmacies are increasingly offering digital services to their customers. UK high street pharmacy chain Boots recently announced plans to partner with Swedish startup LIVI, to provide an in-store digital GP consultation service to its customers and NHS patients.

The Co-op group launched a digital pharmacy app earlier this year which links patients to their GP surgeries and allows them to order medication to any location.


Valérie Lannes, head pharmacist of the VD Pharm network, said: “The challenge is clearly for us to move towards a service offering, especially for overweight patients. To date we have only product ranges to offer, with short-term benefits.

“Yiango brings a global coaching solution to support customers in the long run. The coaching is ultra-simplified thanks to the digital platform which allows us to carry out quick and effective interviews. It also increases customer loyalty through one-to-one interviews every two weeks.”

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