EHSI at work on medication alert for the iPhone

By Bernie Monegain
10:20 AM

Emerging Healthcare Solutions, Inc. is developing what the company calls a "breakthrough"  iPhone application aimed at reducing  medication errors for senior citizens.

EHSI's Auto-Med application is being designed to automatically call users every day to remind them at the precise time of exactly what medication and dosage they are to take based upon their doctor's recommendation.

"Over the last few years, there have been amazing breakthroughs in medications that have helped improve the health and longevity of seniors," said EHSI President and COO, Cindy Morrissey. "All of these drugs, however, have two things in common. If you don't take the drug it will do you no good, and if you don't take it correctly it could potentially harm or even kill you."

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Morrissey says EHSI's medication management system - Auto-Med - will call users on a predetermined schedule every day to remind them of the time, medication and dosage that has been prescribed for them to take.

"This can save lives, reduce frustration and improve the health and safety of millions of seniors in America," Morrissey contends.

The company expects to complete the application for delivery within the next 60 days and to offer it on a subscription basis for $10 per month. The company's goal is to enroll 1 million subscribers within the first year.

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