E-system to monitor dispensing of controlled drugs is launched in Dubai

The new electronic system has been set up to ensure that prescriptions cannot be tampered with.
By Dillan Yogendra
08:26 AM

The distribution of drugs, such as narcotics, will be monitored via a server at the Ministry of Health. Major General Abdul Jalil Mahdi Al Asmawi, Director of the General Department of Anti-Narcotics at Dubai Police and Deputy Chairman of the Federal Committee For Combatting Drugs, announced that the service started last week.

“This service has been launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. The new system has put in place a mechanism for dispensing drugs to patients who are undergoing psychiatric treatment,” said Major General Al Asmawi.

He said this service will put an end to abuse by doctors, pharmacists or patients because it will ensure they will not be able to alter prescriptions in the quest to get a higher dose.

“We appreciate the efforts of the Ministry of Health and the Dubai Police team for their role in serving the community and for ensuring the safety and protection of teenagers from all negative phenomenon that may affect their lives.”

This step was taken following the directives of Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Deputy Chairman of Police and General Security. The project was carried out by Major General Mohammad Saeed Bakhit, Director of the General Department of Electronic Services and other police and Ministry of Health officials.

Major General Bakhit said the new system is designed to monitor psychiatric clinics and doctors, as well as pharmacies dispensing narcotics.

“The system is capable of reviewing basic data and the types of anaesthetics that are disbursed throughout the country, and it will identify the names of patients undergoing treatment all over the country who are using such medicines and the medical reports and history of each patient, including personal information and illness,” he said.

“Such a system will control the dispensing of medicines to patients in a centralized manner and leaves no possibility for a doctor or pharmacist to control it, as the server is located in the Ministry of Health.”

The system will be rolled out for use in all hospitals and clinics and more than 2000 pharmacies in the northern emirates.


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