Docs atop high-paying jobs list, but CIOs are not

Missing from Top 25 list are CIO positions
By Bernie Monegain
10:40 AM

Physicians are at the top of the list with an average base salary of $212,270. There are 7,984 open positions listed on the Glassdoor site.

Notably absent from the top 25 list are positions for healthcare CIOs, or for CIOs in any other sector for that matter. The explanation might be that those jobs might not the type usually posted on job sites. Perhaps the requirements for the work is very specialized, hard to find, and organizations with openings for the tip information officer employ other ways to find the right candidates.

According to a 2014 SSi-Search survey with 169 healthcare CIOs responding showed the average compensation at $288,000.

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Pharmacy manager is No. 2 on Glassdoor's list. It has an average base salary of $131,099 and 1,787 openings.

The list includes IT manager at No. 9, which falls below analytics manager, but above supply chain manager, data scientist and quality assurance manager.

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Given the proliferation of data breaches inside and outside healthcare, the position of security engineers takes a surprisingly low spot on the list at No. 16. Average base salary is $102,749. There are 2,060 job openings listed.

Access Glassdoor's full list here.

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