Docs in NYC use tele-robotics to treat Chicago patients

100 Rush patients will participate in study
By Eric Wicklund
10:41 AM
As part of a new clinical trial, physicians in New York City are seeing whether they can perform complex ultrasounds on patients in Chicago via a new telemedicine platform. 
The new study, spearheaded by researchers at New York's Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai together with Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, will integrate a tele-robotic ultrasound for distance imaging, or TRUDI, technology developed by co-founders of TeleHealthRobotics. 
The study involves cardiovascular specialists at Mount Sinai utilizing a personal computer over the Internet to control a small, robotic TRUDI arm to conduct a four-minute scan of Rush patients' carotid arteries. About 100 Rush patients are currently participating in the study, which aims to determine whether these tele-ultrasounds are as effective as in-person ultrasounds. 
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