Digital health investment on the rise

'While not growing as fast as software, digital health has been outpacing traditional healthcare'
By Bernie Monegain
10:54 AM

Investment in mobile health technology grew by 12 percent over last year, according to a midyear report from startup accelerator Rock Health. Nearly $850 million has been invested in 90 different companies so far this year, and 25 percent more deals were made in 2013 compared with midyear 2012.

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“While not growing as fast as software (which is up 38 percent in Q1 2013 versus the prior year quarter), digital health has been outpacing traditional healthcare, where investments have dropped precipitously. Medical device funding is down 29 percent, and biotech is down 2 percent in the first quarter,” Rock Health cofounder and CEO Halle Tecco reports.

  • Proteus Digital Health - $45M
  • Health Catalyst - $41M
  • Watermark Medical - $32M
  • Nant Health - $31M
  • HealthTap - $24

Tecco lists some emerging themes of digital health investing in 2013:

  • Remote patient monitoring: like iRhythm which makes a cardiac rhythm monitoring for patients with arrhythmia, and John Sculley’s Watermark Medical which diagnoses and treats sleep disorders at home.
  • Analytics and big data: including Flatiron Health, Health Catalyst and Treato which use data to improve care delivery. 
  • Electronic health records: Axion Health, CareCloud, DocuTAP, RazorInsights and Qpid Health, which are taking on the big guys and going into specialized areas, like urgent care.
  • Wellness: products in this space target employers/payers (Keas, Linkwell, RedBrick) and consumers directly (Audax Health, EveryMove, FitStar) to encourage health and prevent illness.
  • Personal health tools and tracking: enable consumers to take charge of their health, like Basis, HealthTell, Medivo and PatientsLikeMe.

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