Customers find Agfa wanting

KLAS researchers say it's an opportunity for Agfa and other imaging vendors to step up
By Bernie Monegain
10:24 AM

Agfa's stated core belief is centered around helping imaging providers succeed, yet a new report from research firm KLAS, shows a majority of customers interviewed indicated Agfa was missing the mark.

KLAS details its findings in "Agfa HealthCare Study 2013: Partnering with Agfa in 2013."

Throughout 2012, KLAS published a series of reports focused on imaging solutions. These reports, as well as discussions with providers, revealed that Agfa was losing client loyalty in the U.S. due to weak customer relations. In order to further investigate, KLAS launched the most recent study to specifically evaluate Agfa Healthcare.

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With the exception of Agfa’s speech recognition product, the company receives second-rate scores across its suite of imaging solutions, according to KLAS.

However, as provider concerns continue to grow around Agfa Healthcare, a clear message and opportunity presents itself to Agfa and other imaging vendors – to seize the opportunity and improve their offerings to help their clients succeed, according to KLAS research director Matt Terry.

"This report is not aimed only at measuring how well Afga is delivering a combination of synergistic solutions to their clients' ultimate success," said Terry in a news release. "Its purpose is also to do a deep dive into user perception to help Agfa and other imaging vendors see ways to improve."
Other imaging vendors mentioned in this report include Carestream, FUJIFILM, GE Healthcare, McKesson, Merge Healthcare, Philips and Siemens.