COCIR holds roundtable on refurbished medical equipment for China

By Chip Means
12:00 AM

The European Healthcare Trade Association, COCIR, met with the Chinese Association of Medical Equipment (CAME) in the first round table to discuss the delivery of refurbished medical equipment to Chinese healthcare organizations.

"Refurbishing medical equipment is important for saving resources and also protecting the environment," said Meng Jianguo, CAME's Secretary General. "In the attempt to bring newest technology at affordable costs to Chinese citizens and shape a more sustainable healthcare system, this is now the time for China to benefit from solutions already available in other parts of the world and investigate the practice of medical equipment refurbishment". This was echoed by Mr. Lee, from the China Health and Medical Development Foundation stating that "China should benefit from organized and controlled refurbished process."

Chinese hospitals and universities, local leading companies as well as international companies were part of the roundtable.

All key stakeholders including regulators, users and the medical industry have to work together on solutions to build an efficient and sustainable healthcare system, CAME and COCIR noted in a press release.

"We believe that COCIR can bring solutions and share its expertise and experience from Europe and other regions" said Nicole Denjoy, COCIR's Secretary General.

During the roundtable, stakeholders agreed on the need to have an established process on how to deliver safe and effective refurbished equipment.