Chilean medical center rolls out solution for breast cancer screening, diagnosis


Fundación Médica San Cristobal of Santiago, Chile, will implement RamSoft’s Gateway Mammo Viewer to improve efficiency in digital mammography reads and streamline their workflow.

Fundación Médica San Cristobal hopes the new technology will encourage women to participate in regular breast cancer screenings. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in Chile. It is estimated that one in 14 Chilean women develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

The Mammo Viewer is also expected to help Fundación Médica San Cristobal provide diagnostic reports with the shortest turnaround time possible in order to quickly execute necessary treatment protocols.

An IHE mammography profile compliant solution, the Mammo Viewer is a software workstation that combines features previously only available in dedicated mammography workstations with the flexibility of a multi-purpose radiology workstation.

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