Cerner to flow patient-generated data

Will integrate apps and wearables with patient portal, EHR
By Mike Miliard
10:20 AM
Information highway

A new partnership between Cerner and digital health platform Validic will enable patients to stream clinical, fitness, wellness and nutritional data into their online portal and, if they wish, into their electronic health record.

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Validic, which offers what it bills as the industry's leading digital health platform, announced today an alignment with health information technology supplier Cerner Corp. to enable access and connectivity to patient-generated data from clinical and fitness devices and applications.

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As mobile devices, wellness trackers and other wearables continue to proliferate, the data they generate can now be integrated into Cerner's HealtheLife patient portal. With the patient's consent, that data can then be flowed into their EHR, offering clinicians a window on day-to-day health.

"Cerner is committed to working with our clients to create a future where the healthcare system works to improve the well-being of individuals and communities," said Brian Carter, senior director and general manager, personal health at Cerner, in a press statement. "To be successful, it is critical to provide access to actionable data on a regular basis, not just what's collected when someone goes to the doctor."

Durham, N.C.-based Validic develops platforms for use in various healthcare segments that enable integration with clinical devices and mobile apps. The data gleaned from them can offer insights that can improve care plans, help with population health management and drive patient engagement, officials say.

"Given Validic is device- and platform-agnostic, our alignment provides a much broader reach to clinical and wellness data to help propel our digital health strategy to health care organizations we serve, including the acceleration of remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and wellness initiatives," said Carter.

"Cerner's innovative technologies connect people and systems around the world within and outside of the provider setting," said Ryan Beckland, Validic CEO and co-founder, in a statement. "Working with a leader like Cerner, we are able to help deliver its connected health strategies into the hands of clients, and help fuel the exciting industry transformation to more accountable, value-based health care delivery."