Cedars-Sinai kicks off new health tech accelerator class

The third round of startups will work to develop emerging technologies from AI to patient experience management to voice assistants.
By Tom Sullivan
12:30 PM
CedarsTechstars accelerator program

Cedars-Sinai named 10 new upstarts to a third round of its health technology accelerator.

The participating innovators are working on a range of products that Cedars-Sinai CIO Darren Dworkin said “have the potential to improve and streamline the delivery of healthcare.”

Chosen from hundreds of entries after a three-month program, the companies get a $120,000 investment to create the technologies as well as the opportunity to test them with Cedars-Sinai physicians and mentors from Techstars, which works with entrepreneurs to cultivate new ideas.

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Cedars-Sinai named the 10 companies. In alphabetical order, then, here they are:

Avia is working on voice-based technology that triages queries to caregivers with the aim of reducing response times and enables patients to receive reminders, health information and entertainment.

CancerAid, an oncology app, delivers cancer information to patients and enables them to coordinate with clinicians. The app also features telemedicine and community features.

ChoiceMap allows doctors and patients to share decision-making based on patient’s clinical condition and personal preferences.

GYANT, for its part, taps into artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to build what it described as a patient triage tool that gives users access to information about the right levels of care.

Invio is working on SourceDrive, which it said is a content management platform for collecting, controlling and distributing clinical trials regulatory documents.

Lumeon is making what it calls Care Pathway Management platform, with which hospitals can create workflows to control the patient journey, beginning with appointment scheduling and going through follow-up. 

NarrativeDX, also in the AI realm, uses natural language processing and machine learning to analyze patient feedback from a variety of sources, including CAHPS scores, social sites, and internal information.

Seremedi is developing the mobile care coordination tool CareScriptions, which connects clinicians and patients for remote care.

Sway Health concentrates on evidence-based preventative counseling by allowing providers to view data they can use for personalized interventions. The software also automates notes for billing and reimbursement purposes.

And the final new participant, Tasso, is building a wearable blood collection system patients can use to take their own samples that, in turn, labs can run diagnostic tests against.

Cedars-Sinai said that it has already deployed some of the startups in its first two classes, including the 120 Cedars physician offices and clinics using Well Health’s text messaging tools and the Deep 6 AI tools Cedars researchers are using to find patients for clinical trials. 

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