Calls to upgrade UAE healthcare sector and build on mobile health

Unified efforts required to develop medical services
By Dillan Yogendra
10:48 AM

Practical measures should apply the national regular medical checkups programme for all citizens, and Sheikh Mohammed approved the study conducted on the subject matter following his directives. He asserted that the health of all citizens is of the highest priority, and providing quality healthcare services is a right for everyone as it is directly related to the welfare and happiness of society. Sheikh Mohammed called on all the local and federal healthcare facilities to amalgamate efforts to provide best medical treatment and to bring the UAE healthcare sector to the international standards.

Sheikh Mohammed’s remarks came during his attendance of the Government Innovation Lab organised by the Ministry of Health. He has issued his directives specifically to launch the implementation phase of the mobile healthcare services programme to provide services in remote areas, especially for senior citizens. He said: “I want to deliver healthcare services to people wherever they are, and I do not want any citizen to suffer in this aspect as it is the government’s duty to reach people at any time and in any place and provide medical treatment with the same quality we provide other government services.” During his visit to the Government Innovation Lab, Sheikh Mohammed approved the study for the establishment of a specialised medical training centre, and directed stakeholders to provide continuing training programmes for medical officers and train them on the latest developments in the medical field. He also reviewed the recommendations of the study conducted on the national regular medical checkups programme.

Sheikh Mohammed said: “The UAE Government utilises its full capacity to support creative and applicable initiatives that shall contribute to achieving the community’s health and happiness and assuring quality healthcare services for citizens, in the fastest way possible.” He praised the efforts of the team that completed the standardisations unification initiative. The team was composed of Abu Dhabi Health Authority, Dubai Health Authority and Ministry of Health. Sheikh Mohammed also praised the interactive response of the Ministry of Health with the instructions and initiatives that Sheikh Mohammed launched previously through the Government Innovation Lab that was held recently at Sir Bani Yas. The Ministry briefed His Highness on the progress, and he urged the stakeholders to speed up implementation according to the timeline approved during the last Cabinet retreat.

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