Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum: video interviews with the experts

Healthcare IT News interviewed several experts at the forum on a range of topics spanning cost, risk, technologies, challenges and successes.
By Eric Bailey
06:25 AM

BOSTON — The HIMSS and Healthcare IT News Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum took place here this week. 

Here’s a collection of the video interviews our team produced from live interviews conducted at the event.

Topics ranged from cost-savings, risk-adjustment tactics, what the Triple Aim requires, success stories, lessons learned, and a look at how analytics can be combined with telehealth and remote monitoring for risk stratification.

Here they are: 

Success story: Improving retention rates and driving down expenses
Lawrence General Hospital engaged clinicians in strategies for improving care retention. That began with analyzing payer claims and its own referral-management tracking system and ultimately boosted care retention rates and reduced expenses. Pracha Eamranond and Andrea Sullivan of Lawrence General explain: 

Looking to bolster risk-adjustment strategies? Include physicians, finance and IT
Atrius Health dove into its EHR data and value-based reimbursement contracts to pinpoint ways to better document at-risk patients and ultimately improved risk adjustment for people with chronic conditions. Peggy Chou discusses the journey. 

Want the Triple Aim?
MIT professor Joseph Doyle said that goal demands an empirical evidence-based approach for which analytics can be used to guide value-based decision making.

Lessons learned in switch from volume to value
Tripp Jennings, MD, of Palmetto Health discussed the success he had with a multi-pronged approach based on a big data platform, analytics, visualization and more. 

Analytics: Not just for big health networks anymore
The 45-bed Union General Hospital invested $50,000 in an analytics program that Karen Reff said yielded substantive results, perhaps most notably reduced readmissions and a boost to employee morale.  

Telehealth, remote monitoring and analytics
Richard Finley, MD, director of medical analytics at University of Mississippi Medical Center analytics director Richard Finley, MD, explains how the academic medical center tackles risk stratification for remote monitoring. 

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