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By Susan Morse 08:00 am October 09, 2018
Emerging CNIO position increases the number of women in healthcare IT roles but there are fewer CIOs and the pay gap persists.

Jürgen Brandstätter speaking at the IHE World event in 2017. Credit: IHE Europe

By Dean Koh 02:14 am October 09, 2018
As healthcare providers worldwide strive to provide a more seamless experience to their patients through the better integration of information systems and shift from paper-based medical records to electronic medical records, the successful implementation of Health Information Exchange (HIE) projects becomes a critical part of this process.
Children's National Health System, Sheikh Zayed Campus

Children's National Health System, Sheikh Zayed Campus

By Bill Siwicki 04:50 pm October 08, 2018
This case study shows how care coordination software is helping Children's National Health System disseminate key discharge documents to the right subacute providers.
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Researchers found roadblocks with information given to patients during the medical release processes despite HIPAA.

By Jessica Davis 04:36 pm October 08, 2018
What if the challenge to overcome with data sharing was the policies common among hospitals? A new study published in JAMA Network Open found just that: Patients are facing many hurdles when they request to receive their records from hospitals.
NYU Langone Health on East 17th Street in New York City

NYU Langone Health on East 17th Street in New York City. Credit: Google Maps

By Mike Miliard 04:28 pm October 08, 2018
The health system needed to broaden the reach of its telephonic interventions and improve uptake of its Epic patient portal. Data-fueled heat maps, homing in on patients' "ZNA," are helping improve outcomes.
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By Tom Sullivan 01:54 pm October 08, 2018
Security experts share insights about crafting lessons learned plans to obtain more resources — and one critical mistake to avoid.
doctor with patient looking at tablet health record
By Leontina Postelnicu 11:13 am October 08, 2018
As compliance continues to be a point of concern, we take a look at the implications of GDPR for UK health and care.
US Senate capital building exterior view of dome
By Tom Sullivan 07:30 am October 08, 2018
NHITWeek 2018 moves beyond proving the value of HIT to focus on showing successes of using information and technology.
Christian Dameff speaking on stage
By Jessica Davis 04:22 pm October 05, 2018
The healthcare sector is well-aware that medical devices are vulnerable, but it’s hard to obtain the extra resources to fix the issue.
My Health Direct app on computer screen
By Bill Siwicki 01:35 pm October 05, 2018
This case study shows how the system connected more than 50,000 vulnerable patients with appointments, with 38 percent of those for the uninsured, by giving patients greater visibility into care options.

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