By Nathan Eddy 11:15 am January 22, 2020
The five principles all stem from the basic viewpoint that AI-enabled solutions should complement and benefit customers, patients, and society as a whole.
By Mike Miliard 02:02 pm January 21, 2020
A Regenstrief informatics expert will show at HIMSS20 how the Indiana Network for Population Health is evolving as "novel data infrastructure" to address the root conditions for better health.
How clinical communications tech helped one hospital lower call volume by 70%

Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

By Bill Siwicki 01:17 pm January 21, 2020
At Woman’s Hospital, HIPAA-compliant secure messaging gives physicians and nurses the information they need, at the right time in the palm of their hands – and reduced the number of calls from 70,000 to 21,000 per month.
By Nathan Eddy 10:42 am January 21, 2020
While there is a large and growing market for remote patient monitoring technologies, with particular benefits for the older population, simplification of connection technologies – Bluetooth for one – will be key to the broader adoption of RPM in 2020.

Above image: Medical staff at the Samsung Medical Center wear sync cams during a surgical procedure. Credit: KT

By Dean Koh 12:36 am January 21, 2020
These services include digital diagnostic pathology, access to proton therapy information, teaching surgery, an AI-enabled care for in-patients and an autonomous robot for operating rooms.
By Bill Siwicki 03:25 pm January 20, 2020
An expert at AI-based cloud fax tech vendor Concord Technologies offers his look ahead at the year – focusing on AI, cybersecurity and interoperability.
By Mike Miliard 03:02 pm January 20, 2020
At HIMSS20, they'll show how RPM introduces new security risks outside the walls of the hospital – and show how controls can be implemented to help safeguard patients’ privacy as they're cared for in the home.
By Nathan Eddy 12:17 pm January 20, 2020
The company is focused on "infrastructure the Epic community uses today and is likely to use in the future," according to a statement received by CNBC.
By Dean Koh 03:12 am January 20, 2020
ADHA has been working with industry and governments over a number of years to achieve interoperable secure messaging across different systems.
By Dean Koh 09:48 pm January 19, 2020
Better health information systems that allow every Thai to access their personal health information, including diabetes risk and screening records, could contribute to reducing unmet need.

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