Epic, athenahealth grow with zero losses

Only two vendors of nine examined by KLAS to hold on to all their EMR clients
By Bernie Monegain
09:56 AM
Piles of coins growing

Epic, Cerner and athenahealth were the only EHR vendors to post a gain in market in 2014. Morevover, competitors Epic and athenahealth alone held fast to their market share in 2014.

Of the nine EHR vendors KLAS reviewed, both athenahealth and Epic recorded zero clients moving away from their EMRs.

In the new report – Acute EMR Market Share: How Did My Vendor Fare? – KLAS noted that although the number of acute care hospitals making a decision about an EMR dipped in 2014, 240 organizations still selected an EMR.

Epic led the list of nine vendors, posting the largest net increase of new hospital clients. Cerner, which has the largest overall market share, due in large part to its acquisition of Siemens, was second in net new increases, followed by athenahealth, which nearly doubled its market share in 2014.

"There are a lot of interesting market dynamics that have made this year's market share report one of the most unique in recent years," said report author Jon Christensen, KLAS' strategic operations director, in a news release. "Some of these factors include vendor acquisitions, the overall number of hospital wins Epic had compared to the rest of the market, and the trend among legacy EMR hospital customers selecting competitive EMR products."

The KLAS report, which focuses solely on 2014. As part of the study, KLAS interviewed large and small health systems and hospitals across the country about their EMR decisions. The vendors reviewed in the report are: Allscripts, athenahealth (RazorInsights), Cerner (Siemens), Epic, Evident (CPSI), Healthland, McKesson, MEDHOST (HMS) and MEDITECH.

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