Arkansas says no to telemedicine

'Just because it costs less doesn't mean it's good medicine'
By Eric Wicklund
10:05 AM
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Lawmakers in Arkansas have rejected a telemedicine bill that proponents say would save hundreds of thousands of dollars and reach patients living in underserved areas. 

The bill's opponents, however, disagreed claiming that state residents deserved face-to-face medical care.

"Just because it costs less doesn't mean it's good medicine," Rep. Stephen Magie, D-Conway, told Arkansas Online. "It may sound good but I think in the long term it's going to sell our patients short."
House Bill 1747, sponsored by Rep. Dan Sullivan, R-Jonesboro, was rejected by a vote of 49-21. Sullivan, who said the bill "opens up the telemedicine healthcare door to give access and save hundreds of thousands of dollars," said afterwards he would work to submit new legislation.
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