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Top 5 videos from HIMSS17

Amplion adds 24-hour remote tech support to its nurse call platform

Overwatch is a combination of live and technology-driven tech support that constantly monitors the health of the Amplion Alert system and facilitates remote troubleshooting.
By Bill Siwicki
03:56 PM

Nurse call health IT vendor Amplion Clinical Communications has unveiled at HIMSS17 a new technological enhancement to its Amplion Alert nurse call platform.

Called Overwatch, the tool is a combination of live and technology-driven 24/7 tech support that constantly monitors the health of the Amplion Alert system and facilitates remote troubleshooting of the nurse call system, if needed, the vendor explained. This technical feature virtually eliminates the need for local service calls and system repair costs at hospitals using Amplion Alert, the vendor contended.

“It used to be that when hospitals secured new technology they had to endure the inevitable service process with agonizingly slow and costly repairs when a problem occurred,” said David Condra, founder and executive chairman of Amplion Clinical Communications.


Condra added that hospitals can decrease dependency on outside tech support with the new system.


Amplion’s customer support team is on call around the clock to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues at hospitals using the Amplion system, the vendor said. With Overwatch, Amplion can remotely monitor every Amplion component in every patient room in every hospital in real time.

The system immediately alerts the customer team if something is not working properly and Amplion techs can quickly remote in, diagnose the problem and begin making repairs, the vendor explained. Every site has spare parts, so if needed, a hospital representative can remove one set screw, replace the component, reboot the room, and be back up and running, the vendor added.

The tool is different than the current nurse call model found in most hospitals, Amplion argued, where a service call must first be made to schedule a local repair person to come and address a problem, a process that may take hours or even days.

Launched in 2012, the Amplion Alert system combines advanced nurse call, care collaboration tools, alarm management, reporting and data analytics into a single system that is designed to help hospitals track, manage and confirm that care delivery occurs every time for every patient, Amplion said.

Amplion Clinical Communications is showcasing its new Overwatch feature at HIMSS17 in Booth 7785.