American Well focuses telehealth on the provider

'Up until now, telehealth has fundamentally been a convenience for the consumer'
By Mike Miliard
09:51 AM

A new telehealth platform released this week by Boston-based American Well marks a pivot point, says CEO Roy Schoenberg, focusing on enabling physicians to more easily integrate video conferencing into their workflows.

The technology, called AW8 and unveiled on Monday at the American Telemedicine Association annual meeting in Los Angeles, offers functionality beyond video consults – allowing clinicians to do scheduling, e-prescribing, billing, record-keeping and offering real-time collaboration with other care team members.

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Schoenberg calls the platform "Telehealth 2.0," and says it represents a shift from traditional conceptions of telemedicine as consumer-facing "one-and-done" consults, to one that enables follow-up and long-term care.

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"We're moving to a much broader use of telehealth," Schoenberg said in an interview with Healthcare IT News' sister publication, mHealth News. "Up until now, telehealth has fundamentally been a convenience for the consumer to get in front of a doctor for urgent care (or minor health concern). But now we've reached a milestone. There has to be much more of an orchestration of telehealth services for the provider, much more of a workflow."

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