Amcom Software buys CommTech Wireless, boosting data communications

By Eric Wicklund
12:00 AM

Two global technology vendors are joining forces to make sure physicians and nurses have immediate access to critical data sources.

Amcom Software, a Minneapolis, Minn.-based developer of communications software and services, announced on Tuesday that it has acquired CommTech Wireless, a Jacksonville, Fla.-based provider of event-driven connectivity software and a manufacturer of paging hardware.

According to Amcom officials, the combined company will create a provider of end-to-end, mission-critical communications products for healthcare, hospitality and government organizations by connecting islands of critical information with users through their preferred wireless devices.

In healthcare, the combined company will focus on developing software to connect nurse call alarms, patient monitors and other sources of critical medical data with the appropriate healthcare personnel through their communication devices. In other words, if a patient monitor issues an alert that the patient needs immediate medical attention, that alert will be instantly relayed to the doctor or nurse via cellphone, pager, PDA or other wireless device.