AI announcements rule the day at RSNA; See what you may have missed

A half-a-dozen new artificial intelligence-based imaging technologies made their debut at the Radiological Society of North America’s conference in Chicago.
By Bill Siwicki
10:46 AM

Artificial intelligence continues to be a growing and evolving technology with a lot of promise as large hospitals begin implementing AI and machine learning tools to parse their way through reams of data and make sense of information at hand. 

AI can do the same for radiology applications, in fact, by helping radiologists review imaging and reports. 

This week, at the giant annual RSNA conference and exhibition in Chicago, a number of companies made announcements that centered on artificial intelligence-infused systems designed to help radiologists. 

Here are six that hospitals and radiology groups should know about.  

Google Cloud's new deals

Google Cloud struck deals with several IT companies aimed at helping hospitals tackle storage challenges posed by precision medicine, improve radiology workflows and bring machine learning to imaging analytics. Change Healthcare's strategic partnership with Google Cloud will create tools using artificial intelligence in clinical workflows and analytics projects. Dicom Systems is also working with Google Cloud to launch a hybrid cloud VNA, de-identification and imaging data supply chain platform.

GE Healthcare partners with Nvidia

A Nvidia partnership builds on GE Healthcare’s 10-year alliance to bring artificial intelligence to GE’s 500,000 imaging devices globally and to accelerate healthcare processing with Nvidia’s AI computing platform.

Change partners with Zebra Medical

Change Healthcare’s radiology systems combined with Zebra Medical Vision’s algorithms to transform the complex radiology read-flow environment. “For artificial intelligence to be truly valuable, it must be integrated into radiologists’ routine, daily read-flow,” said Ashish Sant, senior vice president and general manager, radiology and infrastructure, at Change Healthcare.

Agfa's new embedded intelligence workflow

Agfa demonstrated its work-in-progress visions for augmented intelligence through a workflow-optimized integration with products offered by IBM Watson Health, RadLogics and Mindshare Medical. “Tools for advanced analytics, workflow automation, visual collaboration and reports will help radiologists, physicians and clinicians increase throughput and streamline care delivery,” said James Jay, president of imaging IT solutions at Agfa HealthCare. 

NTT partners with

NTT DATA Services partnered with, an AI and clinical imaging company, so that NTT DATA clients have the ability to dig into their imaging data with algorithms and automation tools from designed to improve workflow and provide better patient care. Organizations participating in NTT Data’s imaging research and advocate AI programs will share in the revenue stream for studies used in validation and have early access to algorithms for deep learning imaging evaluation.

AI Visualizes' 3D/2D device access plan

AI Visualize’s new cloud-based artificial intelligence image analysis and viewing platform uses evolution and deep learning algorithms to assess imaging data for diagnostically valuable information not readily apparent through conventional analysis and transmits detailed 3D/2D renderings to users on any Internet-enabled device. The technology is designed to assist physicians in making the most of today’s data-intensive images - X-ray, US, CT, MRI, 3D Tomo and digital pathology images - for more accurate and precise diagnoses and processes images in the AI VoXcell cloud to overcome Internet bandwidth limitations.

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