Agfa looks to ease image storage consolidation

By Sam Collins
12:00 AM

Agfa HealthCare has announced an advanced enterprise visualization strategy that combines the company's IMPAX Data Center and IMPAX Mobility solutions to deliver managed imaging record access and distribution across healthcare enterprises and regional networks.

Enterprise Visualization is an image management and storage solution for large, multi-departmental, multi-site and multi-facility healthcare domains. Powered by IMPAX Data Center and IMPAX Mobility, Agfa said that it transformed multiple, independent PACS and standards-based clinical data into a comprehensive enterprise solution that consolidated, integrated and enabled access to medical imaging information across facilities and expanded accessibility by deploying a single enterprise viewer for all disparate visual data.

"Enterprise Visualization is Agfa HealthCare's vision for creating a standards-based foundation of clinical data management that will enable organizations to maintain the continuity of care for patients across a wide geographic area in multiple facilities," said Lenny J. Reznik, director of Enterprise Imaging and Information for Agfa HealthCare.

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IMPAX Data Center is an incrementally scalable, vendor-neutral DICOM-based clinical image and information archive that is designed to consolidate patient data from existing multi-vendor PACS in separate locations and departments. IMPAX Mobility is a secure clinical imaging viewing platform that uses server-side computing and a micro-footprint software client application that does not depend on Sun Microsystems Java, Microsoft .NET, Adobe Flash Player applications, or administrative rights to distribute imaging data to clinicians.

Server-side computing uses the latest in cloud computing technology to process images where they originate and uses adaptive streaming to provide efficient distribution of images, clinical data and analysis tools.

Agfa HealthCare's solution for enterprise visualization supports all types of DICOM 3.0 medical images and diagnostic results including images, markup, key objects, reports, waveforms, and DICOM-encapsulated PDFs. It provides the end user with a rich set of 2D and 3D image review and manipulation tools, may be launched from the EMR, web portal or PC and is deployable to virtually any wired/wireless Windows-based PC, laptop, tablet, Ultra Mobile PC, or Smartphone device.

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