Adobe integrates e-signatures across Document Cloud to digitize form completion

'A healthcare organization can do the whole patient onboarding process without having to print a document.'
By Bill Siwicki
04:25 PM

Digital document kingpin Adobe has unveiled the first integration between Adobe Sign and Adobe Marketing Cloud. The integration is designed to eliminate costs and inefficiencies surrounding manual, paper-based processes for enrolling and services, including healthcare enrollment, registration and services.

Adobe Sign, formerly known as Document Cloud eSign, now features an upgraded and modernized mobile app experience and works in a seamless fashion with Adobe Experience Manager Forms, a key component of Adobe Marketing Cloud. Adobe said this can help an organization go completely digital with anything from credit card applications to government benefit forms to medical forms.

Adobe also has announced new Document Cloud storage integrations with Box and Microsoft OneDrive. These integrations are designed to make it easier to access and work on PDF files from anywhere.

"Adobe has led the global standard in secure digital documents with the PDF format, and we are working toward the same thing with secure and reliable signatures," said Lisa Croft, group product marketing manager for Document Cloud at Adobe. "And related to Adobe Sign, we are announcing the first integration across the Adobe Marketing Cloud, because we are focused on helping customers deliver good experiences for their customers."

Croft cited healthcare as an example, where organizations need, for instance, to digitally obtain information from a patient. "That journey can be a big challenge, to serve the patient appropriately and set everything up," she added. "This new integration is meant to make all of that easier."

Tools within Adobe Marketing Cloud can ease the creation of forms with many multiple data fields, and make completing such forms an easier task, Croft said.

"In a lot of cases today, healthcare organizations still have to print forms to gather signatures," she said. "With our new integration, we have been able to make that process 100 percent digital. Take all the data and flow it into a final version of a form and then Sign can electronically capture a signature – nothing has to be printed. A healthcare organization can do the whole patient onboarding process without having to print a document."