By Thiru Gunasegaran 12:11 am May 18, 2021
MedLern provides training and skill development programmes for healthcare staff and a learning management system for hospitals.
By 09:57 pm May 17, 2021
Putting patients first and leveraging technology to serve their needs in a highly personalised way is key to enabling better health outcomes.
A person on their phone
By Kat Jercich 04:41 pm May 17, 2021
Although the agency did not explicitly refer to any specific brand of electronics, its news release linked to several articles about magnets in the iPhone 12.
A person stands with a laptop in front of a stack of computer servers
By Kat Jercich 01:03 pm May 17, 2021
Meanwhile, Ireland's national health service is continuing to grapple with outages of its own following a ransomware incident. 
By Mike Miliard 12:35 pm May 17, 2021
Attendees, exhibitors, speakers and staff will need to verify that they're fully vaccinated to gain entry to the HIMSS21 campus in Las Vegas. HIMSS will offer more guidance soon on proof and validation, including potential digital apps.
Dr. Blackford Middleton Apervita interoperability
By Bill Siwicki 12:16 pm May 17, 2021
Dr. Blackford Middleton, physician expert in interoperability and standards, offers a deep dive into how provider organizations can gain more value from their EHR and IT investments.
Pure Cardiology, Charlotte, North Carolina, RPM
By Bill Siwicki 12:04 pm May 17, 2021
Benefits of remote patient monitoring to the concierge practice include better experiences for patients, personalized care, rich data and new revenue streams.
A sign reading "Welcome to Colorful Colorado"
By Kat Jercich 10:21 am May 17, 2021
CORHIO has teamed up with state agencies to help ensure an individual's medical history is accessible to the professionals who need it.
By 09:52 am May 17, 2021
Angel Mena, MD, and Steven Rube, MD, discuss the challenges of managing and sharing patient data post-pandemic and lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis.
By Thiru Gunasegaran 11:34 pm May 16, 2021
The enhancements will enable the government to screen more women for both cancers.