5 must-have technologies for physician recruiters

By Betsy Caron
03:39 PM

In an age when many medical schools are issuing tablets in place of textbooks, physician recruitment firms and practices must keep up with the industry’s latest technologies in order to improve communication and outcome.

Vivian Luce, regional director with recruiting firm Cejka Search, presented “Five Must-Have Technologies for Today’s Physician Recruiters” Oct. 25 at the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) annual conference in Las Vegas.

Luce discussed where to find recruitment technology resources and how to incorporate them into the workplace.

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“As we move forward, all of us are becoming more and more engaged,” said Luce. “I think it’s critical that we look at how our physicians are looking for information and recruitment and that we respond to them appropriately so we can engage them with the most state-of-the-art technology.”

The five technologies Luce highlighted:

  • mobile friendly websites,
  • valid e-mail lists and deployment,
  • physician-friendly Facebook pages,
  • online interview technology; and
  • online feedback tools.

Mobile-friendly websites are essential to physicians on the go who rely on their smart phones to receive e-mail and other important information, she said. Recruitment firms must deliver these resources in a succinct way that is easily accessible to physicians.

“We have found that physicians today want transparency. They want to know what the position is, where it is located and what it is about that position that’s going to make them want to click and ask for more information,” said Luce.

Luce also stressed the importance of online interview technology through video chat applications such as Skype. By using these tools, hospitals can virtually walk candidates through their building or introduce them to other staff members.

“It decreases the cost of having to bring somebody all the way up to Alaska, for example,” she said. “It also demonstrates for the candidate that this hospital or practice is pretty tech savvy.”

Luce said Cejka Search has already implemented each of these technologies.

“It’s worked very well,” she said. “It’s not just one of these five that works independently. It’s all five of them working together in synergy.”

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