3rd annual #HIT100 list unveiled

Top 100 HIT Twitter accounts for 2013 released
By Jeff Rowe
09:17 AM

While the 4th of July brought with it the annual array of picnics and fireworks, this year it also saw the kickoff of the 3rd consecutive #HIT100 competition. The brainchild of Michael Planchart, aka The EHR Guy, the list aims to recognize the top contributors to the HIT social media community.

Many of the "winners", identified by their Twitter handles, will be familiar to most readers, but a comparison with last year's list reveals how fortunes, or perhaps influence, can rise and fall as the years go by. In the interest of full disclosure, it should be noted that Government Health IT Editor Tom Sullivan (@GovHITeditor), appears again on this year's list.

Position     Votes     Twitter Handle

1                 68          @HealthcareWen

2                 57          @HITAdvisor

3                 56          @Brad_Justus

4                 49          @ahier

5                 48          @EMRAnswers

6                 44          @JohnNosta

7                 44          @ReginaHolliday

8                 41          @LionelREICHARDT

9                 38          @MandiBPro

10               34          @motorcycle_guy

11               34          @Paul_Sonnier

12               33          @nrip

13               27          @2healthguru

14               27          @gonzalezloumiet

15               25          @SmyrnaGirl

16               24          @ChristianAssad

17               24          @GaryPalgon

18               24          @OchoTex

19               23          @CDW_Healthcare

20               23          @techguy

21               22          @Farzad_ONC

22               22          @jonmertz

23               20          @ElinSilveous

24               20          @leonardkish

25               19          @bhparrish

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(Photo courtesy ChristianaCare)

Pain management therapy demonstration, Airrosti low-code EHR

Pain management therapy demonstration at Airrosti. (Credit: Airrosti)

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