Patient Access relates to Telehealth

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How a pop health platform helped one ACO prevent 98 strokes and 39 heart attacks in less than a year

Arizona Care Network’s IT-infused approach to population health has helped the accountable care organization better coordinate on annual wellness visits, boosting compliance.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

In May, we'll talk to experts and professionals on the front lines about what's really happening today with the digital transformation in healthcare and what hospital executives need to be doing right now.

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Ohio Living achieves low readmission rates with telehealth

Patients are equipped with Bluetooth-enabled tablets that record biometrics information.

Opioid intelligence tools helping hospitals make safer Rx decisions

Technologies to give physicians the ability see PDMP data within their EHR workflows are enabling them to spot doctor shoppers and make smarter prescriptions, says KLAS.

Transformers in chief - navigating digital redesign

The elite corps of chief digital officers emerging today are both business-minded and tech-savvy and use those skills to rethink operations.

Healthcare in 21 years will be driven by 'radically interoperable data'

Deloitte's view of the future: empowered consumers taking advantage of open, secure platforms that intermingle disparate information for care coordination and wellness "nudges." Now we just need to get there.

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Perioperative system helps surgery department transform OR utilization

“In a surgical environment where one minute of OR time is worth $37, the improvements that we’re achieving on a daily basis have a big impact to our efficiency and bottom line,” explained Dr. Kathy Cho of University Hospitals Ahuja.

Shared decision making in the era of digital transformation

With health and care systems being subjected to significant changes associated with digital transformation, Charles Alessi and Richard Barker explore their implications for the future of medical care.

UPMC launches new telemedicine company focused on infectious disease

Diagnosis and treatment of disease and antibiotic-resistant bacteria is complex and challenging for small hospitals, who could care for patients with remote help from top-tier infectious disease experts.

Penn Medicine debuts free machine learning platform

The open source Penn AI is a self-service tool designed to accelerate biomedical research.