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COVID-19: Lessons from the Nordics

A recent HIMSS Nordic Community webinar – moderated by Bogi Eliasen, HIMSS Future50 and director of health at the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies – addressed how Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Norway have enabled a sustainable human-centred health environment that influenced their crisis management during the pandemic.

Q&A: 'Digital transformation must focus on both the patient and the healthcare professional'

MobiHealthNews talks about the value of digital therapeutics, artificial intelligence and learnings from COVID-19 with Dr. Cesar Morcillo Serra, director of internal medicine in Hospital Cima Sanitas Barcelona, Spain.

Cybersecurity pros offer their 2020 predictions for healthcare

Ransomware, coupled with an expanded attack surface thanks to a proliferation of internet-connected medical devices, are among the top security concerns health players should be concerned about in 2020.

Additionally, a troubling new trend of attacking automatic software and firmware update systems, as highlighted in March 2019’s "Shadowhammer" attacks, is another vector for malware that can be hard to protect.