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Remote patient monitoring to gain big momentum in 2020

While there is a large and growing market for remote patient monitoring technologies, with particular benefits for the older population, simplification of connection technologies – Bluetooth for one – will be key to the broader adoption of RPM in 2020.

The vast majority of hospitals and health systems – 88 percent – have invested in or plan to invest in remote patient monitoring technologies as part of their transition to a value-based care model, according to a 2019 Spyglass Consulting report.

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In 2020, AI will aid administrators and CISOs will refresh internal security

An expert at AI-based cloud fax tech vendor Concord Technologies offers his look ahead at the year – focusing on AI, cybersecurity and interoperability.

Policy changes, AI, consumerism top interoperability trends for 2020

Vendors offer their perspective on the opportunities and challenges for healthcare data exchange in the year ahead.

Investors looking toward healthcare IT innovators in 2020

Healthcare information technology will be the focus of investors in 2020, with interest in the pharmaceutical and biotech sector, home and hospice care and managed care companies also high on the list, according to a KPMG report including survey results from 333 investment professionals.

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2020 outlook: Predictive analytics, AI, enhanced security, telehealth and more

Five health IT experts from patient experience and patient engagement IT vendor GetWellNetwork open up about what they are seeing as important trends this year.

Trends to look for in patient engagement in 2020

Healthcare providers will increasingly be seeking innovative technology as they develop new patient engagement and experience strategies to remain competitive.

Predictive analytics, payment issues, consumerism set to tangle with AI in 2020

Three experts from different areas of the health IT field discuss how artificial intelligence is going to play a larger role in the year ahead.

AI and machine learning trends to look toward in 2020

As artificial intelligence and robotic process automation are more widely deployed, they will help rehumanize medicine by allowing doctors to focus less on paperwork and administrative functions, and more on patient care.

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Investment in AI growing as health systems look to the future

Forward-looking provider organizations are looking to tap into the benefits of deep neural networks and other forms of data-driven analysis.

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AI maturation, 5G, augmented reality point to accelerated innovation in 2020

These trends in the new year ahead will see healthcare provider organizations innovating solutions and practices to improve healthcare, one expert predicts.