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Microsoft offers tools to protect patient data amid heightened COVID-19 security threats

In a recent HIMSS20 Digital presentation, Microsoft M365 Security and Compliance CTO Hemma Prafullchandra warned that bad actors have felt empowered to take advantage of coronavirus fears.

Hasty rush to cloud hosting during COVID-19 crisis could set stage for 'cyberpandemic'

The speed and scale at which healthcare organizations have had to embrace cloud hosting, often without proper due diligence, could lead to lasting risks and vulnerabilities for a much bigger attack surface, according to new report from security vendor Vectra.

UCSF pays $1.14 million to decrypt files after ransomware attack

The medical school was hit by an opportunistic malware attack on June 1, and the encrypted data was "important to some of the academic work we pursue as a university serving the public good," officials said.

Telehealth privacy and security: Investment and education are key, attorney says

As virtual health deployments scale up and become routine, everyone – vendors, clinicians, patients and compliance officers have a role to play in keeping video and streaming remote monitoring data secure.

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COVID-19-triggered threat changes will linger beyond crisis, say most security pros

A commanding 94% majority of respondents to a new Black Hat survey says the pandemic has increased cybersecurity threats to enterprise systems and data – and many say it will continue to.

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As blockchain matures, stakeholders should weigh competition vs. partnership

As new distributed ledger platforms have emerged, the tech has shown promise for the security of COVID-19 contact tracing, and so has the potential for data siloing.

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Privacy & security perspectives: Interoperability, prospects for HIPAA refresh, more

Two compliance experts discuss how healthcare providers should address protected healthcare information, whether HIPAA needs an update, and how to balance the demands of privacy and data exchange.

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Survey says majority of Americans won't use COVID-19 contact-tracing apps

More than 40% of survey respondents said they didn't trust any organization to keep their data safe.

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Ransomware attack leaves 5 years of patient records inaccessible at Colo. hospital

The 25-bed hospital, which did not pay the ransom, is still working to get full access to files from August 2012 through August 2017.

Norway contact tracing app temporarily banned

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health will delete all collected data and suspend operations to address security concerns.