Big Data relates to Security

417,000 Augusta University Health patient records breached nearly one year ago

The Georgia provider was hit by two cyberattacks in September 2017 but did not explain when the breach was discovered.

Maryland fails OIG security audit, potentially put Medicaid patient data at risk

While the state program had a security program in place, it lacked sufficient controls over the data and its operation.

Fax machines can be hacked to breach a network, using only its number

While CMS Administrator Seema Verma called for the end of fax machine use by 2020, new Check Point research found a hacker could steal data from a flaw in the fax protocol.

Is FDA doing enough to support medical device security?

McAfee researchers show just how easy it is to hack into devices -- but new MedCrypt data shows government guidance may be putting device manufacturers on the right trajectory to shore up this real threat.

Canadian pharmacist fined for routinely accessing health records of acquaintances

She snooped in the EHRs of nearly four dozen people over two years.

How blockchain can help with healthcare's patient matching problem

The technology alone won’t fix patient ID issues but it can bring some of the data accessibility, interoperability, integrity and security hospitals need.

142 healthcare data breaches in Q2, 30% caused by repeat offenders

More than 3 million patient records were breached between April and June, highlighting an even bigger issue: Risk increases over time without proper education or reporting.