Big Data relates to Security

Alert fatigue a big problem for cybersecurity professionals too

It's not just for clinicians anymore: Security operations center analysts say they're inundated with more and more alerts, and spend too much time sorting through false positives.

How to solve the 'Goldilocks' dilemma of health data sharing?

Healthcare information is being more widely shared than ever, but how can that be balanced with the need for robust privacy protections? At Health 2.0, two experts will frame the issue.

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Biohacking connected devices: What IT leaders need to know about the ‘Internet of Humans’

A cybersecurity expert offers a comprehensive and in-depth look into an emerging area of healthcare security, and offers tips for healthcare execs on what they can do and where they can look for answers.

Imprivata, Vocera collaborate on mobile device authentication

The companies are combining Imprivata's Mobile Device Access technology with the Vocera Collaboration Suite, which can offer faster and more authentication across workstations, virtual desktops and mobile devices.

Presbyterian Healthcare phishing scam hits 183K patient records

Data accessed during the breach may have included patient and health plan member names as well as dates of birth, Social Security numbers and some clinical information.

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CISO security tips for managing hybrid cloud deployments

The complexities of securing a hybrid cloud environment are not to be underestimated as more health systems contend with vendor implementations of all shapes and sizes. One prominent CISO offers tips and best practices.

Hospitals are demanding secure medical devices before they buy

The IoT: "Every something that comes on the market is in essence its own small computer with an ability to find its way into something."

Hospitals need to know: When disaster strikes, FEMA money is available to those that file quickly

Hospitals often don't file for the funds because they're unaware of what can be reimbursed and there is only a 30-day window to apply.

Cybersecurity: The enemy is already inside the gate

A number one recommendation is to know all of the touch points for data: how it comes in, how it's used, where it's stored and how it goes out.

Close to one-third of healthcare employees have never received cybersecurity training, report shows

There is an apparent lack of awareness of federal regulations in both the U.S. and Canada to keep patient information secure.