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Analytics to help understand social determinants can improve care, boost revenue

More and more providers understand the key role social determinants play in delivering better health outcomes. AI and predictive analytics can help harness that data for better care and higher reimbursement.

Steward Health Care Network workflow automation yields 161% increase in care coordination

The problem was the web of multiple EMRs that complicated the process and created dramatic variances in the way referrals were processed.

Why healthcare revenue cycle careers are heating up for millennials

About two-thirds of millennials in revenue cycle jobs are satisfied with their roles, though many said they'd consider other career opportunities.

Many smaller providers regretting EHR switches

Black Book survey shows that some were wooed by brand names, instead of seeking core functionalities that give ROI – and wish they'd gotten more bang for their buck.

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ACO Arizona Care Network piloting blockchain wallet for docs

Recently the first digital currency – redeemable for U.S. dollars – was deposited in physicians’ wallets for improving care and patient satisfaction.

ONC names winners of Certified Health IT Product List challenge

Three winners and one honorable mention have been announced in the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT's Certified Health IT Product List Data Challenge. The competitors were tasked to find ways for users of the Certified Health IT Product List to make better use of the granular data it keeps on every technology product that has been approved by ONC.

The winners include:

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Billing tech boosts patient-initiated payments at BrightSpring

Staff immediately noticed the impact of the systems. They receive significantly fewer mailed checks, which has reduced the time spent to process payments. They also send fewer statements.

IT investment in China’s hospital system estimated to reach 65.7 billion yuan in 2022

A recent article from China Daily stated that IT investment in the country’s hospital system will reach 65.7 billion yuan ($9.47 billion) in 2022, surging 53.5 percent from 2017 and boosting the digitalisation of the Chinese medical system, based on a forecast report by Analysys.

Artificial intelligence: what we know so far about how it works for health

From the research lab to the bedside to the back office, AI and machine learning are transforming the ways we think about care and how we develop treatments.