Revenue Cycle Description

Blockchain in Healthcare

Why Walmart filed a patent for blockchain, wearables and EHR data

The retail giant is looking to protect a method for obtaining EHR data via the distributed ledger technology.

How Boston Children's fixed charge capture and quality improvement issues with one software program

Clinicians enter quality improvement data at the same time they enter charge capture data, enabling a more timely and robust quality effort.

Community Care of North Carolina deploys pop health platform to transform community care

By taking a more patient-centered approach, CCNC crafted a more proactive care management strategy.

6 tips to help your hospital embrace innovation and collaboration

Adrian Zai, MD, of Partners HealthCare shared insights at the HIMSS Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum in San Francisco this week.

Next-gen revenue cycle to refine value-based care with AI, advanced analytics

Technology to facilitate a patient's understanding of insurance coverage and out-of-pocket cost for pending services will feature prominently in the future.

Providence St. Joseph finds success leveraging AI and machine learning projects

Artificial intelligence is helping the health system generate ROI through increased patient arrivals, Medicaid risk stratification model cases and surgical outcomes.

How physicians, nurses and clinicians are reshaping IT vendor strategies

A number of high-profile doctors, nurses and CIOs have left hospitals to work at tech companies and they are certainly making an impact.