Value of Health IT relates to Leadership

Chartis Group suggests steps for maximizing value of analytics programs

A new white paper identifies the challenges health systems need to overcome for a successful analytics program.

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How one hospital’s staff engagement survey boosts workforce development – and patient care

Duncan Regional Hospital uses its annual team member engagement survey to help workers enhance their workplace and careers, resulting in higher satisfaction for staff and patients.

How health systems are making use of cloud's workforce advantages

Broader staff access to more applications, more computing power and greater mobility are just some of the cloud benefits healthcare providers are using to empower their workforce.

Physicians are key to making precision medicine investments pay off

Finding the best care for a patient can be a constantly moving target. The number of stakeholders, the constant advance of new information and treatment options and the nuanced demands of different payers make for a maze of complexities to navigate.

In the field of oncology, for example, nobody but a specialist could be expected to keep up with the growing wealth of knowledge in the treatment of individual cancers.

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Froedtert Health pushes workforce development with high school-based learning center

The Wisconsin health system also has introduced new career paths within its information technology department.

Cloud infrastructure is enabling big workforce advantages for life science orgs

As companies work to improve their drug discovery processes and foster other new innovations, cloud technology is enabling easier collaboration among researchers worldwide.

Ohio funds expansion of health IT initiative to teach data science to young students

Community Classroom, part of BioEnterprise’s Health IT in the CLE program, works to build the healthcare workforce by giving high school students computer and data science instruction.

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How one tribal health center boosted training compliance to 99.98%

Sault Tribe Health Division also uses its specialized IT system to manage digital incident reporting and credentialing management.

Private practice physicians less likely to maintain electronic records, study shows

Forty-nine percent of surveyed physicians who had remained independent since 2011 attested to meaningful use of EHRs.

HHS funding new rural workforce programs to the tune of $20M

More than two dozen organizations will get money from HRSA's new Rural Residency Planning and Development Program grants.