IT Infrastructure Description

WannaCry, Petya 1 year later: The good, the bad and the ugly

Healthcare providers are investing more in cybersecurity, but an increase in threat sophistication and new bad actors mean the industry is still not ready for the next big global cyberattack.

Cloud performance tests reveal the impact of location

Tests have shown that distance between the cloud provider and the enterprise can have a significant impact on latency with delays when the cloud is far away.

Defining the strategic business goals for an EHR cloud migration

It is important that provider organizations develop a clear picture of their EHR migration objectives before choosing a CSP.

Expert tips for third-party vendor management: Set contractual expectations and limits

Organizations should treat the third-party vendor relationship like a marriage, continuing to assess and manage compliance, Henry Ford Health System’s Privacy and Security Director says.

Next-gen data management: From FHIR APIs to AI to genomics, tech is changing fast

Hospitals should also expect Blockchain, patient experience and new iteration of vendor neutral archive capabilities.

Despite AI ethical concerns, IoT and smart sensor investments on rise new report finds

Most healthcare execs are planning to buy AI and IoT technology, but they'll need other capabilities and competencies to ensure they're safely deployed.