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Top 3 CIO priorities? Patient experience, IT cost containment, innovation

Nearly two dozen chief information officers from leading U.S. health systems say they're keenly focused on patient engagement, a new report shows – while also trying to wring value from their technology infrastructure and innovate for the future.

LabCorp still recovering from ransomware, won't say if it's SamSam

Media reports claim that the notorious SamSam ransomware variant took down thousands of the medical testing giant’s servers through an RDP brute force attack, but the company won’t share the details.

Hackers breach 1.5 million Singapore patient records, including the prime minister's

In what officials say was a "deliberate," highly targeted attack, cybercriminals repeatedly targeted Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s personal records.

Patient data exposed for months after phishing attack on Sunspire

Employees fell victim to a targeted phishing campaign, which may have exposed sensitive data for some patients, including Social Security numbers and health insurance information.

Still underinvesting in cybersecurity? It'll cost you $408 per patient record

A breach in financial services, the second most expensive sector, costs only half of what hospitals wind up spending.

Security's next act: serving as an enabler of innovation

Here's a look at why a secure innovation foundation is important – and some advice for getting started building one.

GandCrab ransomware variant targeting legacy systems: What you need to know

The newest variant of the prolific ransomware forms this year has been updated to include a stolen National Security Agency exploit.