IT Infrastructure Description

Information security is a social responsibility: What CISOs and infosec pros can do now

Making security personal to employees and engaging future generations to rekindle the dwindling talent pool are a good start.

OpenEMR patches security bugs that put millions of patient records at risk

Security researchers notified the open source EHR managing software of nearly 30 critical vulnerabilities – the second set of vulnerabilities found in a year.

Cybersecurity pros share countermeasures for protecting against insider threats

Active training via simulated phishing, progressive disciplinary measures, disabling hyperlinks and document execution from emails are among the suggestions.

Third-party vendor error exposes data of 19K patients for 2 months

Orlando Orthopaedic’s transcriptionist vendor misconfigured access to a database during a software upgrade. The health center waited nearly six months to report.

What hospitals need for successful AI: a digital base

Artificial intelligence depends on several different fundamental technologies, and a robust and modernized infrastructure – cloud, mobile and web – to build upon is a must-have first step.

1.4 million patient records breached in UnityPoint Health phishing attack

This is the second breach for the health system this year, and the biggest health data breach of 2018 in the U.S.

Homeland Security warns of spike in ERP system attacks

The web-based applications are designed to help organizations manage finances, HR issues and more – meaning they contain troves of personal data sought by nation-state hackers and other cybercriminals.

Ransomware, malware attack breaches 45,000 patient records

An investigation into a ransomware attack found hackers peppered Missouri-based Blue Springs Family Care with a variety of malware programs, which gave them full access to its systems.

RDP backdoors cost just $10 on dark web: How to avoid getting hacked

With access to hacked machines cheaply available and thousands of new ports being added daily, it’s imperative to shore up this preventable threat.