IT Infrastructure Description

Did a change in encryption models tie the hands of data centers?

In March, the Internet Engineering Task Force approved the Transport Layer Security version 1.3, the key function to enable HTTPS function on the web. On the surface, the new encryption model shores up network communications and provides substantially improved security features.

Updated: HITRUST launches new cybersecurity certification for NIST framework

Security organizations just made it easier and more effective for hospitals to deploy and operate the dominant infosec frameworks.

205,000 patient records exposed on misconfigured FTP server

MedEvolve, a practice management software vendor, left its FTP server open to the public without the need for a login.

Cybersecurity: Nightmare scenarios and guiding principles

From legacy infrastructure to potential medical device hacks, some of the industry’s leading voices opened up about how the industry can begin to combat the inevitable breach.

SAP, Cerner team up to develop next-gen EHR for European hospitals

Regulations are different internationally and electronic health record systems made in America are too pricey for the rest of the world.

DoD IG finds massive security flaws in Army, Navy EHR and handling of patient data

Inspector general says Defense Health Agency sites failed to consistently implement technical, physical and administrative protocols and may have violated HIPAA regulations in the process.

Blockchain for healthcare gets boost from NH-ISAC and Trusted Key

Organizations said they will advance testing of a secure digital ID proof-of-concept program that is designed to reach millions of consumers, while Trusted Key also announced a $3 million round of funding.

NHS to improve cybersecurity posture with Windows 10 migration

The planned update is just the latest move to improve the National Health Services since WannaCry.

Ransomware attack against California provider breaches data of 85,000 patients

Hackers hit the IT vendor of three Center for Orthopaedic Specialists locations in February, which locked out users and encrypted patient data.