IT Infrastructure Description

Meet the newest HIMSS Analytics adoption model: INFRAM

The Infrastructure Adoption Model helps hospitals and health systems benchmark how their IT systems stack up with mobility, security, collaboration, transport and data warehousing.

Minnesota DHS data breach heats up: State officials spurn notification delay

The issues shared during an Oct. 18 state senate meeting mirror those the healthcare sector faces: a lack of resources and an onslaught of attacks make it nearly impossible to keep up.

HITRUST kicks off program to give security support to startups

HITRUST launched a security program to help start-up companies bolster their privacy and security foundations, including the adoption of the most comprehensive risk management, compliance and security services.


The goal is to support startups in adopting best practices as they grow. HITRUST is working closely with those small businesses to ensure these security features are baked into their products from the beginning.

Update: Misconfigured database breaches thousands of MedCall Advisors patient files

A researcher discovered the North Carolina-based tech vendor is leaking protected patient data through its Amazon S3 bucket twice in a month.

Phishing attack breaches insurance data of 37,000 patients for 1 month

A hacker obtained access to an employee email account of California-based Gold Coast Health Plan, attempting to fraudulently move funds to their account.