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Patient data exposed for months after phishing attack on Sunspire

Employees fell victim to a targeted phishing campaign, which may have exposed sensitive data for some patients, including Social Security numbers and health insurance information.

Still underinvesting in cybersecurity? It'll cost you $408 per patient record

A breach in financial services, the second most expensive sector, costs only half of what hospitals wind up spending.

GandCrab ransomware variant targeting legacy systems: What you need to know

The newest variant of the prolific ransomware forms this year has been updated to include a stolen National Security Agency exploit.

RFID security for hospitals: 6 steps to a strong security baseline

The third in a four-part series outlines the path to secure radio frequency identification.

Next-gen IT infrastructure: A nervous system backed by analytics and context

APIs, automation, blockchain along with mobile and medical devices will enable a new era of learning networks capable of adapting to deliver faster innovation.

RFID security for hospitals: Vigilant data monitoring is key

The second in a four-part series looks at what healthcare providers need to do when implementing radio frequency identification because it’s not secure enough on its own.

Phishing attack on Manitowoc County breaches PHI for 3 months

Hackers hijacked an employee email account and diverted emails sent to the account to another account for which the county did not have access.