HIMSS19 to offer a look at how HHS is approaching blockchain

Federal officials are working on policy about the emerging technology deliberately, helping to set expectations for near- and medium-term healthcare applications.

5 blockchain developments in 2018

Amazon, Change Healthcare and Walmart all made moves worth watching as we head into 2019.

Blockchain use case: Electronic health records

Could distributed ledger technology offer the promise of real-time EHR updates, seamless interoperability and protection from ransomware?

European forum offers tips for blockchain GDPR compliance

European Union Blockchain Observatory & Forum, says that, while there are tensions and some uncertainty about how to protect data and use blockchain under GDPR, there are still ways to accomplish it.

Blockchain use case: Healthcare supply chain

Tamper-proof distributed ledger tech helps with efficiency, security, integrity and visibility of pharmacy and other supply chain data. And because it doesn't necessarily involve PHI, it may be a logical place for hospitals to start exploring.


What's really fueling the blockchain craze? Dissatisfaction with the status quo

While interoperability and cybersecurity challenges persist and EHRs underwhelm, distributed ledger technology is so hyped because of the hopes for what it might mean in the future.

As blockchain proves its worth for healthcare, regulatory questions remain

Attorneys offer their perspective on the privacy and compliance issues faced by the technology and how it squares, or not, with laws such as HIPAA and GDPR.

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ACO Arizona Care Network piloting blockchain wallet for docs

Recently the first digital currency – redeemable for U.S. dollars – was deposited in physicians’ wallets for improving care and patient satisfaction.