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How IT automation can join flash storage to improve health data systems

BY Jeff Rowe | January 15, 2018

When combined with innovations such as storage upgrades, IT automation can result in more efficient infrastructure design, a reduction in capital investment and even valuable personnel resource savings.

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Right questions key to picking the best AFA for your organization

BY Jeff Rowe | July 06, 2018

All-Flash Arrays will certainly offer performance gains, experts say, but if IT managers have to spend too much time managing the array, they won’t gain nearly as much advantage as they should.

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With new flash in place, health IT managers consider uses for legacy storage systems

BY Jeff Rowe | October 02, 2017

Many stakeholders redeploy their legacy arrays and spinning drive assets as an archival tier, say experts, as much of the unstructured data that might be useful for data mining later need not be on fast tier all-flash arrays.

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Beyond SCSI: NVMe is pushing vendors toward faster flash storage

BY Jeff Rowe | June 29, 2018

With suppliers adapting storage options, experts say NVMe will unleash flash by doing away with the built-for-disk SCSI protocol.

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New storage options driving progress in precision medicine

BY Jeff Rowe | July 02, 2018

The biggest challenge facing personalized medicine, says one expert, has been in the collection, storage, analysis and sharing of massive amounts of data in a secure and cost-effective manner.

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