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How better data storage can lead to better patient care

BY Jeff Rowe | June 18, 2018

According to one stakeholder, health IT decision-makers are increasingly realizing the right flash deployments can result in an effective combination of performance and reliability, leading to overall better patient care.

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In addition to greater efficiency, flash storage can help health orgs innovate for their patients

BY Jeff Rowe | June 15, 2018

Among other problems, poorly organized patient information can make it difficult for providers to take advantage of population health management, big data and cognitive computing.

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New advances in flash technology are driving adoption of all-flash arrays

BY Jeff Rowe | June 15, 2018

Technological advances such as triple-level cell storage and 3D NAND flash have enabled all-flash arrays to support sophisticated analytics in a way not possible before.

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Organizations tap analytics to enhance next-gen storage infrastructure

BY Jeff Rowe | June 12, 2018

As the explosion of data continues, say experts, healthcare organizations will need a lot of help from smarter storage products that can predict, and avoid, “data gaps.”

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How to make the case for all-flash array storage

BY Jeff Rowe | June 11, 2018

Understanding an organization’s apps and their requirements, say experts, will go a long way toward making the case for a new AFA storage system.

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