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SSD vs. HDD: the flash chips make all the difference

BY Jeff Rowe | July 11, 2018

Among other things, says one expert, enterprise analytics operations are performance-intensive and, thus, do well on high-performance, flash-based SSDs.

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Hospitals tap new flash storage to facilitate move to virtual desktops

BY Jeff Rowe | July 10, 2018

For hospitals investigating the advantages of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), the enhanced capabilities of flash storage can prove very useful.

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How well do you know your NAND?

BY Jeff Rowe | July 09, 2018

Each of the various types of NAND flash have particular characteristics that influence which best suits an organization’s needs, so IT pros need to know the difference.

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Survey: the more IT pros use flash storage, the more they like it

BY Jeff Rowe | July 06, 2018

According to experienced flash storage users, suppliers with good post-sales support and the ability to advise on best practices are key to a positive experience.

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Right questions key to picking the best AFA for your organization

BY Jeff Rowe | July 06, 2018

All-Flash Arrays will certainly offer performance gains, experts say, but if IT managers have to spend too much time managing the array, they won’t gain nearly as much advantage as they should.

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How IT automation can team up with flash storage for better health data systems

BY Jeff Rowe | July 03, 2018

Along with innovations such as storage upgrades, IT automation can lead to more efficient infrastructure design, a reduction in capital investment and even valuable personnel resource savings.

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